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if any website should have a post limit it should be facebook

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you learn to take the little victories

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do you think ina garten ever goes to taco bell 10 minutes before they close wearing sunglasses and a big hat and orders a nachos bell grande and a crunch wrap supreme then eats them in the parking lot with the lights off like


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it’s 2014 and people still can’t tell the difference between a human woman choosing to wear something revealing and a male character designer choosing to draw a female character in something revealing

like seriously these are not at all the same thing why are we still having this conversation

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i don’t really understand where penises go when boys wear pants

sometimes to the left

sometimes to the right

sometimes up

sometimes down

sometimes painful

sometimes not


take it back now y’all

One hop this time

please don’t jump on my penis

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@MTV Dragging Katy Perry’s new video they forgot the last one tho

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Laverne Cox on her brother being cast on Orange is the New Black

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